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The Darkest Nothing Soundtrack

Misteyes - Creeping Time

directed by Filip Halo

Shot in beautiful Italy, a very eerie epic creepy video for a very beautiful sad complicated song, that will transfer you immediately to the dark side of life. The video features Butcher from The Darkest Nothing and also one of the helpers of the group, portraying the Bunny Girl, as seen in the movie. The "Tree Demon" Nassy  is also big part of the video. Watch the video and be sure to support the band on social media and to follow their work.

Maschinist - Kauf Mich

directed by Filip Halo

This is industrial metal power straight from Germany, one of the best songs to come out in years. Maschinist are expressing reality and are talking about real issues in today's society, exactly like the movie does. "Kauf Mich" was shot in Nurnberg, in the club KON71, and it features controversial images, that look absolutely amazing.

Das Scheit - Velvet Tears

directed by Filip Halo

A wonderful hard rock ballad from a band that has been around for the last 20 years, and manages to still remain fresh and to create amazing albums like their 2016 release "A Darker Kind Of Black. The music video for the song "Velvet Tears" contains footage from the movie and live footage from the band from a live concert in Bochum, Germany.

LLOTH - In The Name of Love (Sacrifice) feat. Efthimis Karadimas

directed by Filip Halo

In black and white with only the flares left colored, this video was shot during the recordings of the first album by the Greek metal band LLOTH, a tribute to Astarte (Maria "Tristessa" Kolokouri) who died in 2014. The song is an epic ode to lost love and sacrifice. The video was edited/directed by Filip Halo and contains scenes from two Sessions (Algolagnia).

Inner Blast - Feel The Storm

This great band from Portugal has elevated atmospheric power metal to a new level, with gothic and opera elements, an incredible voice and power chords. "Feel The Storm" is a great addition to the soundtrack of the movie, a song you can not easily forget!

Tothem - Soul Mates

Tothem has a unique style, that is purely cinematic, especially in this song "Soul Mates". The connection with Dario Argento's scores is clear, since the first high note in this beautiful song. A great addition to the soundtrack of the movie, that transfers you directly to mystic places and dark emotions.

Victim's Foretaste - A New Day

Powerful mainstream metal force from Russia, Victim's Foretaste is one of the promising new bands, that can evolve into mainstream monsters in the future. "A New Day" has great lyrics, very close to the spirit of the movie, and you don't have to be a metalhead to enjoy it.

Unnature - Aesthetics of Arrogance

Brazil is a powerhouse for metal, and UNNATURE certainly prove it. Powerful aggressive melodic female vocals and crazy riffs, "Aesthetics of Arrogance" will do more than just rock out, it contains meaningful deeper lyrics, that stand out of the competition.

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