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Short Film, created by the psychiatrist William Jameson, based on actual audio recordings with his former patients

The events are recreated by actors

In an attempt to get deeper inside the complex thoughts and memories of "Judy", William decided to force her to explore two incidents. Lost in a strange town in the Netherlands, where she had never been before, she finds herself trying desperately to connect with an old girlfriend, "Jessica", the only person that knew Mark better than "Judy". The second place is a forest, where she meets a dark figure, that she insists calling him "Neuron". William is forced to play his part to help "Judy" unfold the events.


"Judy" was describing a murder, that took place over twenty years ago in that particular forest, a cold case of a serial killer, that was never caught. William wasn't aware at that point, that her tellings were accurate and that her "Jessica" was in fact one of the killer's victims.

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