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Short Film, created by the psychiatrist William Jameson, based on actual audio recordings with his former patients

The events are recreated by actors

Handling a new patient is a tough job, dealing with a post-traumatic stress disorder. One of the first patients William Jameson has given the code name "Judy" to, was experiencing a new type of hypnotism. She was getting deep inside her own fake memories to provide the eerie details from the day of her future kidnapping. Waking up inside a van in the middle of a field, abandoned, with no one around. She was wounded, her dress was filled with stains of her own blood (or so she thought). She couldn't feel her legs and the only way to escape from there was by crawling. After reaching her house, the first thing she did, instead of calling the cops, she checked a new e-mail from her best friend "Mark", with a video file attached to it. He has filmed his own suicide, after explaining his desires and fantasies about her.

William plays back the tapes for his students as part of his teachings, regarding his radical theory about healing post traumatic disorders. The only problem with the specific patient, is that she was telling the details of two other real crimes, that weren't published anywhere at that time.

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