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Fiction Extreme Psychological Crime Thriller, with real crime references based partly on real events

Written by Filip Halo

As William discovers a "Jessica", that is willing to portray troubled roles in front of the camera and isn't afraid to dig deep into her own secrets, he decides to explore the most complicated session with his former Dutch patient, "Judy # 3", who was found dead a week after their last session. three years ago. He tries to capture his stored audio recordings on film, this time by replacing his own voice with a performance by the fictional "Jessica" in Judy's delusions. For the first time, the stories make sense, as the patient was replacing William in her head, while talking to him.


This film focuses more on another "Jessica" and is finally possible because of the evolved "Golden Triangle Theory" and the importance of a Jessica in it. It is the first step beyond another film creation, "Jessica's Destruction".

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