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The first novel of the series focuses on the strange collaboration between psychiatrist William Jameson and criminal police commissioner Reinhard Engelmann, in an effort to locate a brutal female serial killer, that works as an extreme dominatrix in Germany, offering anything to their clients from penis torturing and piercing, to permanent scars and even mutilation. Her targets and the way she hides her identity, make it impossible for the police to link her crime spree, as most of the previous murders became cold cases.


William is teaching psychology at the University of Witten and has focused on new types of prostitution in one of his books, after he left the Netherlands. He lost one of his patients there, a troubled female with the code name "Judy", who was experiencing delusions regarding the female victims of a serial killer. After the woman was found dead in a forest, William managed to link her descriptions with shocking details of murders fairly unknown to the public, by an uncaught serial killer. His radical method of healing traumatic experiences, that he was using on her, together with audio recordings from their sessions, resulted in losing his license. He is not willing to experience a similar thing for a second time. Together with the commissioner, they will discover a well-hidden murder case and the only clue, that the dominatrix has left in one of the crime scenes.


Psychological Crime Thriller by Filip Halo

Fiction with non-fictional elements based on real crimes and modern psychology


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