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Fiction Extreme Psychological Crime Thriller, with real crime references based partly on real events

Written by Filip Halo

After the events of "Algolagnia", William Jameson's online persona and creations get viral, as they find a wide audience, attracted to extreme morbid videos and also to his psychological approach and how he presents it. He gets the attention of a rich Russian businessman, who is willing to pay a lot of money for his "vore" fetish, as the only group that creates such content does not sell copies of their work, only private screenings. William discovers a very weird connection between a number of real infamous crimes of the last twenty-thirty years, that no reporter or analyst has ever mentioned before. The darkest chapter in his life is about to begin, as he finally realizes what he is capable of.


Extreme themes and taboo subjects, that have never been discussed before publicly, in a shocking novel, that goes a step beyond limits. It is based on real life events and illegal activities, that are banned everywhere around the globe.


The novel is expected to be released by the end of Summer 2019

Early concept pictures

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