An original film series about the darkest corners of the Deep Web and human psychology

The Darkest Nothing: 8.Zygophrenia

Chapter 8: Zygophrenia - Every relationship has a point, where the couple starts fighting and hating each other, this phase is called Zygophrenia. William's extreme actions create huge problems to the one woman who has inspired everything, the real "Judy". While analyzing the case of Mark and Jessica and their addiction, William realizes that his theories can actually help every person in this world, but he has to prove it to his own self first...


Online drug dealing became huge with the first Silk Road website, together with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Mark was the first volunteer for William's video experiments, and is deeply involved into chemical drugs. William had a rough moment with him, but now he decides to get him out and help him. His first example for him is a junkie with a website, who rapes women under the influence for his members.


William also decides to make amends to the woman that means the most to him, for using her entrapment in a farm for six months as the foundation for his live show and a number of videos he has created. It is time to help her as a true psychiatrist. They revisit the place, her ex-husband. The healing process is far more complicated and dangerous than William has ever imagined...









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