An original film series about the darkest corners of the Deep Web and human psychology

The Darkest Nothing: 6.Raptio

Chapter 6: Raptio - The live show brings back memories from William's life in the Netherlands, how he created his radical theories as a psychiatrist and how he lost his license. The movies focuses on human trafficking and how he saved a girl from those cartels, something that he would soon pay in blood.


The live show forces William to face his own demons. He first tested his theory with a woman, the first one that was code named "Judy", who was convinced she has escaped out of the van of a serial killer. Her stories matched real disappearances of women in the Netherlands in the last twenty years. William assumed that she has simply read about them and decided to hypnotize her and make her believe that everything was fake. He recorded their sessions and pushed the girl very hard to stop thinking about her kidnapping and escape. The woman was found dead in a forest after their last session, and a committee started an investigation about his methods and took his license away after recovering the recordings.


William lost himself into alcohol in bars and clubs, where he met a young woman, who begged him to take her out of the place and help her. She was a victim of human trafficking and William managed to hide her from her kidnappers. The woman was pregnant and he decided to raise her daughter as his own child. Soon after, the woman felt into deep depression and William applied his theory on her, believing he could save her. The memories of a worse past and an abusing father, led them into big fights and turned her into a schizophrenic. After a number of mistakes, her kidnapper located her and took revenge.


The memories force William to get back to the Netherlands and to search for the truth about the original "Judy" and how she died, and also to fix some unfinished business...









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