An original film series about the darkest corners of the Deep Web and human psychology

The Darkest Nothing: 4.Killing Trolls

Chapter 4: Killing Trolls - The turning point for William, the day they kidnapped his daughter, while he was in court for defending himself against copyright porn trolls. The movie showcases the whole copyright trolling and focuses on Troll Hunters, who are willing to eliminate lawyers and judges.


Before William got involved into video productions for the underground market, he was only a psychiatrist and he was raising up his daughter on his own, with the help of his grandmother. The day, that his daughter was kidnapped and what happened afterwards, changed his life forever. He never forgets the reason, that he wasn't able to pick her up that day from school.


After uploading and selling gruesome videos Online, William gets a name in the underground Deep Web community. He creates a blog about personal experiences, where he promotes his videos indirectly, signing as NEURON (a link to his profession). One of the articles gets the attention of a Troll hunting group, who turn to him with a weird deal. They offer to hunt down and kill copyright or patent trolls, or anyone involved into serious trolling or bullying, that led to a person losing his or her life. They even have a price list, exactly like hitmen, the only difference is that they first investigate the target. William is willing to donate money, for eliminating anyone involved in his court case.


The guy who is in charge of the whole team, Marco, uses Hallucinogenic Drugs, that help him recognize the true TROLLS, when meeting them in person, something that he describes as a form of a sixth sense. William studies Marco and his ability seriously, because it gives him a marvelous idea about his identity as Neuron and what to do next.









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