An original film series about the darkest corners of the Deep Web and human psychology

The Darkest Nothing: 3.Ideophrenia

Chapter 3: Ideophrenia - The love for morbidity and horror, the introduction of Butcher, a horror artist, who serves as the muscle in William's group. The movie focuses on underground horror productions and how William gets involved in them, while starting protecting Butcher from his brother, a real life criminal and very dangerous person...


The research for cannibalism, brings some interesting information about underground horror productions and horror artists. One of them is simply named "Butcher" and already has a name in the underground market. William gets in touch with him, because he sees potential to what Butcher does. Their meeting, makes one thing clear: Butcher is a good guy and a tragic figure, who lives in the shadow of his criminal aggressive brother.


William is willing to help Butcher with two of his upcoming slasher movies, in return of becoming part of William's TERROR CREW, for an upcoming live show for a Deep Web site. Butcher finally finds a family and a real brother in William, but his real brother will be actively involved in his life once again, after a hostage situation in Brussels and after escaping the police. William decides to take the matter in his own hands, and bring an end to his criminal activities once and for all.









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