An original film series about the darkest corners of the Deep Web and human psychology

The Darkest Nothing: 2.Gynophagia

Chapter 2: Gynophagia - the gruesome world of Vore and cannibalism, and the reasons it evolved during the last 30 years into a fetish. The movie showcases the origins and explores the ritualistic nature of snuff cannibalistic video creations, and serves as the inspiration behind more daring techniques for the psychiatrist William Jameson.


Carmilla is an infamous underground dark queen, who sells screenings of her gruesome rituals- no physical copies, to rich guys, who are willing to pay and don't ask questions about the victims and if the videos are real or not. Her latest creation revolves around Dolcett's comics, an anonymous artist from Canada, who has influenced modern cannibals with his sadistic misogynist comics since the 90's. The rich guy, who pays for the screening, is called Vadim and is a huge fan of Dolcett.


During the screening, Vadim's butler Emil, manages to shoot a small portion of the video on the projector with his cell phone. He sends it to a guy Online named ScaRECraw, who recently uploaded some astonishing extreme but beautiful gory videos. Vadim is willing to pay a lot of money for a similar video, with women being cooked and eaten, that will focus more on the psychology of the victim, exactly what ScaRECraw (William) does best.


The proposal opens a Pandora's box for William himself, as he needs the money for what he prepares next, but he is intrigued that the comic artist still manages to stay anonymous after all those years. William decides to find out more about him and about Carmilla, and the connection to famous cases like the Armin Meiwes one in Germany and Matej Curko's from Slovakia, and how such comics and the cult following has affected them. The results of William's study are more terrifying than he ever imagined.









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