An original film series about the darkest corners of the Deep Web and human psychology

The Darkest Nothing: 1.Algolagnia

Chapter 1: Algolagnia - the lust for pain, the BDSM world from the Shibari art to extremities like self mutilation, the starting point for psychiatrist William Jameson and his unique radical psychotherapy.


The police discovers the rotten body of a male dressed in woman's clothes in his own apartment, sitting on his couch, with a plastic bag covering his head. It looks like a suicide for sexual pleasure, but the police detective Reinhard Engelmann finds a second color of lipstick, that doesn't match what the guy has on his lips. His investigation leads him to a different type of prostitution, related to dominas and feminization, so he decides to get the help of a psychiatrist for finding the clues he needs.


William is teaching psychology in the University of Witten. One of his subjects is related to pain and lust and the whole mentality of the slave and the sadist. His meeting with Reinhard, opens a door for a new experiment for William, who already wanted to shoot the reactions of people involved into painful sexual activities. He puts an ad for two types of video shootings, one about suicide and the other about the exposure of a woman to Shibari and bondage techniques. He uses his alias ScaRECraw Online, and the mask he has created for keeping his anonymity. The video is titled "Jessica's Destruction"









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